French photographer based in Paris.

I specialize in street photography, environmental portraits and event photography.


More about me...

   I discovered photography in 2015 while living in Japan.

   As I commuted every day, I couldn’t get tired of watching the streets of Tokyo, and the many worlds they offer: in a few minutes, I could walk out of a brand new office building, step in a back street joint (of those you see in Ozu’s movies), and then come across a matsuri (traditional festival) where white collars would dance along the taiko drums. Sounds random? Anyone who has ever spent time in a Japanese metropolis will know what I am talking about.

   But long story short, I knew I wouldn’t be in Tokyo for ever and I felt the urgent need to capture those moments, their liveliness and their beauty. Therefore, I bought from a friend a Sony a6000 with a Sovietic manual focus lens. And so the journey began… 🙂